Monday, August 1, 2016

"I Don' Know What Week It Is"


This week was hard, but good! I love being here in Texas, but it will be so much better in a few months when I don't walk outside and get hit in the face by super hot humidity! The other thing about Texas is that there are so many bugs! And weird bugs. I somehow got kind of used to them? But I am not used to cockroaches. We always have roaches in our apartment, even though it is really nice. We always scream and hope a neighbor doesn't come over and make sure we aren't dying because it is Texas and someone would do that. We always have poison spray (that will probably be illegal in a few years) on hand.

One big change that happened this week was that I am now an English missionary! We serve in an English ward (Bryan 1st) and an English branch (Navasota) in addition to our Spanish ward. The number of missionaries here is really going down. But, I like it! I like being able to talk to people and teach them in English! It is so much easier! :) And I think I am going to get an English name tag too, so that's exciting!

In addition to teaching people about Christ, we do service every week. We help teach an English class that meets twice a week and we volunteer at the food bank. I love service because when we serve others we are really serving God. If you want to be happier, go serve someone this week!

We have taught a lot of lessons this week. One of my favorite things as a missionary is to be with people when they pray for the first time. It is so sincere! This week we were outside on a porch, teaching these two brothers. It was hot, there were bugs, and we were not in the good part of town so there were all kinds of cars with loud music playing and sketchy people walking by. But, this was one of my favorite moments on the mission so far. One of the brothers was talking about how he has done so many things he regrets and how he wants to change and he wants to know Christ. We talked to him about repentance and how, with baptism, he can start over and become a new person. He said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I hope he continues to desire to be better and he continues to reach out to Heavenly Father. I know he is always there for us, no matter what we have done!

I hope everyone has a great week! Let me know if I can ever do anything to help you.


Hermana Bettridge

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