Monday, August 8, 2016

16, 16, 16 Months Left!

For anyone who isn't cool enough to understand the subject line, it is a high school musical reference. But I only have 16 months left! Isn't that crazy!

Here is a picture of a cat I got to share the gospel with while we were out. There were like twenty cats at this house. The humans there weren't interested, unfortunately.

This week was really fun! I left Hermana Sheirbon one day to do an exchange with the English sisters in the YSA at Texas A and M. That was interesting! The first thing that happened was I learned I would be biking! (just for the day until I went back to my area.) I wanted to die. First of all, it was 100 + degrees outside. Also, I wear a skirt every day and I didn't have my bike shorts with me. And I was wearing my $20 cute, impractical flats. But, I did it! I almost died riding down the highway (in a bike lane, but still) and looked nerdy in my helmet, but I did it! I had to keep telling myself how much I wanted to share the gospel, but I did it!

But, I did have a really good time. It was weird being on a college campus again, I felt normal! (despite the fact I was trying to talk to people about God) We walked around wheeling a huge whiteboard that said "If you could ask God any question, what would it be?" We had sticky notes and people walked up and put sticky notes on the board with their question and we talked to them.

We met a really nice student that just came here from China. He noticed our tags said "Sister" (well, mine said Hermana) and he told us how he doesn't have any siblings because of the rule in China but he really wishes he did. We told him that because we are all children of God, we call each other brother and sister at church. We told him we could call him brother and we could all be siblings. He was so happy! He told us he was Christian and had been looking for a church to go to in America. We invited him to come to ours, and I told him that our church was in China too. (which I only knew because I was randomly looking at the other day #promptings) Anyway, he is really excited about everything. We taught him about the restoration right there because he had time. I saw the English sisters today and they told me he came to church and loved it. They taught him again and he is going to be baptized in 5 weeks!

One thing we talked about at zone meeting this week was how it is so important for us to know how God speaks to us. If you don't know how God speaks to you, pray to know how He speaks to you. Now is the time to figure it out. There will always be important choices in our lives we have to make, and we need His guidance. He loves us and wants us to communicate with us!


Hermana Bettridge

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