Monday, May 15, 2017

Bear Creek Here I Am!

Hola, hola!

Lesley's baptism and my new companion!

Well, this week has been a little crazy because after 7.5 months of serving right next to downtown I am now serving in the suburbs! I am serving in the Bear Creek 2nd Ward. It covers part of Katy, Texas and the part of Houston that is right next to Katy. It is a Spanish ward, and I am not covering an English ward anymore. So, if we find investigators that don't speak Spanish we have to pass them off to the English missionaries. But, I really like the ward here! Everyone is super nice and wants to feed us! It is a nicer area, so it's a little harder to find Spanish speakers who are interested in learning more. But, it's fun! I haven't had a white person slam the door in my face in awhile.

If anyone would like to send me letters I would love it! My new address is:

Hermana Carolyn Bettridge
1590 Yorktown Crossing Pkwy #1223
Houston, TX 77084

My companion is Hermana Twitchell. She is from Cedar City, and we actually both went to SUU fall semester 2015. (But we didn't know each other.) But we are both going back to SUU after our missions. She will be going home in 11 weeks, so we might be staying together until she leaves. 

Before I left H3 Sister Fraga took us to dinner! (I love her!)

We actually had a baptism on Saturday! The hermanas had been teaching Lesley for about a month. She is so amazing! She is a senior in high school. She doesn't really have support from her family, but she has friends in the church that helped introduce her to the gospel. She has such a strong testimony and is just awesome! I am excited to teach her the new member lessons. She graduates from high school next Friday, but it's Faith Meets Families that night (when the new converts in the mission go to the temple to do baptisms for the first time together.) She said "I want to go to the temple! I graduate in the morning, so it's fine!" 

We don't have a ton of other investigators right now, so we are finding a lot! We are teaching a cute ten year old named Yulieth! (Like Juliet) Her dad is an inactive member. We are helping him prepare to get the priesthood so he can baptize Yulieth and her eight year old sister in a few weeks. I like that the majority of my mission has been spent teaching kids! 😊
Church was good yesterday! I was asked to bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon in sacrament meeting. Lesley was confirmed, and Yulieth and her family came! The best part of yesterday was skyping home! I was so excited to get to talk to my family (including my mission mom, Hermana Sheirbon!!!) It was weird to think the next time I talk with my family will be at the airport when I go home.

This week I was reading in Jesus the Christ about Christ fasting for 40 days. At the end of His fast Satan tempts him. He tells him "If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread." I really like what Talmage said about this experience. "Hungry as Jesus was, there was a temptation in Satan’s words even greater than that embodied in the suggestion that He provide food for His famishing body--the temptation to put to proof the possible doubt implied in the tempter’s “If.” The Eternal Father had proclaimed Jesus as His Son; the devil tried to make the Son doubt that divine relationship. Why not prove the Father’s interest in His Son at this moment of dire necessity?"

Satan is sneaky! I know this is one way he tries to trap us. He tries to make us forget who we are. We are children of God! He loves us! He allows us to be tempted and go through hard things because He loves us and wants us to grow. In Romans 8:16 we learn: "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God"

So, never forget that! Satan will always try to make us forget who we are. He wants us to think less of ourselves. But, we are children of a God who loves us and will never forget us. Because He knows Satan is sneaky He has given us so many things to help us, one of which is prayer. We can always talk to Him and He will answer.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I am going back to H3 on Saturday for Lyvan's baptism so I am super excited!

Con amor,

Hermana Bettridge

Albert took us to a second dinner that night. 
Hermana Twitchell and I with a cat we found while knocking (We both love cats)
Us with a member's cat (It was a week of orange cats)

Skyping my family! (Including my mission mom, of course!)

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