Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Halfway through the MTC!

Hermanas Beckstead and Bettridge at the Provo Temple

I am almost halfway done at the MTC! That is exciting because I am excited to get into the field and do missionary work, but it's also terrifying because I don't know Spanish!

So I know a lot of you are wondering what I do as a missionary. Also some of you are probably wondering what "hermana" means. Hermana is Spanish for "sister." Female missionaries go by "sister" and their last name. We go by that title because we are all brothers and sisters in the gospel. As a missionary, my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. I will accomplish that by letting people know they have a Father in heaven that loves them! I will be doing community service- volunteering at nursing homes, teaching English classes etc. I will also teach people lessons to those who want to learn about the gospel. I will help them get closer to their Savior and develop stronger faith in Him.

So this week was a little crazy because all of the new mission presidents had training. All of the First Presidency was here, except for President Monson. He sent in a video. I guess he isn't doing super great health wise right now. I did not actually see any of them, but some people did! It was fun seeing all of the new mission presidents. The Oklahoma City mission got a new president, and he is a girl in my district's bishop from college! I met him and his wife, they are super cool- Oklahoma is lucky! They sent my mom a picture of me and made her happy! He served a mission in Tulsa when he was younger. He said when he found out he had to go to the MTC again he was annoyed at first, then he was excited because "this time he gets to sleep with a girl!" :) He reminded Sister Beckstead and I to have fun on our missions and to keep our personalities! (Don't worry, I will!)

This week was busy- the new mission president and his wife of the Mexico Aguacaliente Mission (they are Mexican from Mexico) came and taught my class for two days. They were super fun! And I could mostly understand what they were saying! :) They taught us about adjusting to the changes that come from being a missionary and about the importance of repentance. We also taught 9 lessons in Spanish to "investigators" this week, so that was busy!

Carolyn's district at the temple
A really great quote from Sheri Bird!

My district has memorized the first vision in Spanish really well. I can recite it in 23 seconds. We stand in a circle and each take turns saying one word. We can do that in 37 seconds. Another class can do it in 34 seconds, so we still have some work to do!

The temple is closed for cleaning for the next two weeks. (Usually we get to go every P day.) But, today we got to help clean it! I love temples! Every single surface of the temple is cleaned. One of the things I got to do was dry mop the walls of the bride's room, which was so beautiful!!!

This week I was feeling really overwhelmed and then I watched this video. It really helped me keep perspective. I know trials are hard, but with the Savior's help we can make it through everything! So, watch this amazing video!

I love you all! Keep writing me!


Hermana Bettridge

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