Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carolyn's Second Week in the MTC


I hope everyone had a happy Father's Day (a few days late, I know!) I was working out (not by choice) this weekend. In the gym they play conference talks, church movies, and Mormon messages on the TVs. They like to trick you, though, and if you aren't peddling fast enough the sound won't play through your headphones. Anyway, one of the Mormon messages was about fathers. It featured a dad that got up and went to work to provide for his children. The kids were little and didn't realize that their food, house, and toys were all there because they had a dad that provided for them. From their perspective, it just magically appeared. It made me ask myself if I really take the time to appreciate everything my Heavenly Father has provided for me. Do I really take the time to think about everything he has given me? Or, do I take it for granted?

This week we had a new district come into our zone, so we aren't the new ones anymore! This week we have two new districts coming in. The new districts are all elders and have no sisters in them! That should be interesting! On Thursday nights I get to teach the new districts how to use technology at the MTC.

This week we got three new "investigators" to teach. We have teaching appointments everyday, sometimes twice a day now. They are still hard, but my Spanish is improving enough that I am not as scared. Spanish has been hard for me, but I have to keep reminding myself that I have only studied it for a week and a half. Also, I know that the Lord will help me. I have been set apart to teach the gospel. I am not learning Spanish for myself, I am learning it for Him. So, He will help me learn at a pace that He is okay with.

There are a lot of mission presidents here learning in English in preparation for new mission president training next week. So, there are a lot of Spanish speakers learning English. We try to stop and talk when we have time so we can help each other out. This week there was a mission president's wife sitting on a bench outside of our dorm. We said hello and talked for awhile (in Spanglish.) She told us that God would bless us with really attractive husbands one day if we work hard on our missions. She also told us that obviously her husband had worked really hard on his mission because he got her. :)

Since the new mission president training will be in a few weeks, a lot of important general authorities will be here. So they decided to turn half of the cafeteria into a meeting area for that. So, we lost our good salad and wrap bar and one of the food lines. So, the food isn't great anymore and there is nowhere to sit! Oh well. 

Conversation of the week
Someone: Elder Mcconnell, do you know any of our first names since you pick up our mail?
Elder McConnell: I only know Hermana Taylor's name, Sarah.
Us: Why did you remember that?
Him: Because that's the lady that sewed the American flag
Someone: That wasn't Sarah Taylor, that was Betty White

and we all died laughing

I hope everyone has a great week! I love all of the dearelder.com messages. They are super encouraging!


Hermana Bettridge

Featured Pics: Selfie of me and Hna Taylor, our door we made cheetahlicious, and our district at the temple

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